Counselling, Psychology, and Coaching Services in Staffordshire

Please note that we are not currently offering face to face sessions due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, we are able to offer telephone sessions or sessions via Zoom Video Conferencing. Please contact us for more details.


Sometimes it may seem that:

  • Your difficulties keep you stuck and unable to move forward;
  • You’ve lost interest in the things you once enjoyed doing;
  • You worry about not being “good enough”;
  • The only way to cope is to block things out, which may lead to using unhelpful ways of coping.

Maybe it’s time to:

  • Address your difficulties head-on so they no longer hold you back;
  • Explore the things which bring joy to your life;
  • Start valuing yourself again;
  • Look at how you can deal with difficult situations using a more positive approach.

We can help

We specialise in providing counselling and psychological therapy to adults and young people with anxiety. We also work with a range of other issues including depression, bereavement, self-esteem, and relationship difficulties.

The word ‘aperture’ comes from the Latin, aperīre, and means to open. At Aperture Therapeutic Services our aim is to open and expand your awareness of your difficulties. We believe that greater understanding can empower you to make the changes you need to move forward.

I’m Jo, I’m a Chartered and Registered Practitioner Psychologist. I specialise in working with adults with anxiety who want to address their difficulties and live more fully in the present. Click here to find out more about me.

I’m also a Counselling Supervisor, working with both trainee and qualified Counsellors to help develop their practice.

I’m Alan, I’m a Counsellor, and I specialise in working with adults and young people who no longer want their anxieties to hold them back. Being a male Counsellor, I also have an interest in working with males who are finding it difficult to reach out to others for support. Click here to find out more about me.

I’m also a Counselling Supervisor, and I work with trainee and qualified Counsellors to support their therapeutic work and help develop their skills.