4 Self-Care Strategies For Better Mental Wellbeing

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We tend to put other people's needs and wants first, but we rarely seem to find the time to look after our own. Life can be stressful, so it's important that we use self-care for better mental wellbeing.

So, what sorts of things can we do to show ourselves a bit of self-care?

1. Learn to say "no"

This is probably one of the hardest things for people to do. Do you find that you say "yes" to things when you really don't want to? Why do you think you say "yes"? Is it to please people? Is it for fear of offending them?

The problem with constantly saying "yes", is that we end up putting off the things we really want to do. We end up neglecting ourselves and our needs, just to please others.

Try to be more selective in who/what you say "yes" to. If someone isn't happy that you've said "no", then they'll no doubt find someone else who'll help them out. The bottom line is, if you're a serial "yes" person then it might be time to use the word "no" more often so that you have more time to focus on the things that are important to you.

2. Make sure you have supportive people around you

Unfortunately, there are people in this world that love nothing more than to drag others down. Perhaps they cannot congratulate other people on their achievements as they end up questioning their own. Maybe seeing other people happy highlights to them how unhappy they are.

Whatever is going on for these people is their issue, and something they'll need to look inside of themselves to resolve. Be proud of your achievements, don't let others put you down. If you find that certain people add nothing positive to your life it might be time to surround yourself with people who are "in your corner".

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3. Don't take on too much

Perhaps you're the sort of person who likes to be busy, but at what point do you say "enough is enough"?

As much as you might like to get your teeth into new projects, don't rush in. Take your time to decide whether you have the capacity to add to your workload. This might not necessarily relate to your job, but to things in your personal life (e.g., decorating the house, a new volunteering role). Be realistic about the time you can give and don't over-stretch yourself!

4. Make time for yourself

Even if it's 30 minutes a day, make some time for you! It might consist of having a relaxing bath, reading a book, or lighting some candles and putting on some chilled out music. Perhaps you like meditation, or yoga? Maybe you like dancing round the living room to your favourite band, or playing your favourite computer game. Whatever you do for those precious minutes each day, do whatever works for you. ‚Äč

Just remember, if you're not looking after yourself then you'll be in less of a good place to help those around you. When it comes to your mental wellbeing, it really is best to start with yourself because then everyone else around you will benefit.

How do you look after your mental wellbeing? Let us know in the comments!

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