Clinical Supervision

Perhaps you're looking to change to a new clinical supervisor, or you're trying to find your first ever supervisor. Whatever the situation, meeting a new supervisor can sometimes be nerve wracking.

You might have such questions as: Will we get on with one another? Might they be overly "critical" of my practice? Am I "good enough" in their eyes?

It's important that you feel comfortable within the supervisory relationship. Not only to share your client work, but anything which may impact upon your practice.

Alan Vann is a child and adult counsellor staffordshire
Jo Robinson is a counsellor and psychologist

Our approach to clinical supervision

We offer a safe, collaborative place to explore your therapeutic work. We don't limit discussions to client work, as clinical supervision involves you, the supervisee, bringing all of yourself to the supervision process including personal and/or organisational issues. Supervision is a place to learn and develop as a practitioner; to gain resources and grow in competence.

Our supervisory approach is based on the Seven-Eyed Model of Supervision by Hawkins and Shohet. Within this model, you will be encouraged to explore such factors as the interventions you deliver, your relationship with your clients, and any organisational issues which might impact upon the therapeutic process. Sessions are tailored to your needs as the supervisee.

Our qualifications and experience

We both hold the Certificate in Supervision from the Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy and Counselling.

If you would like to speak to either of us about working together then please contact us.