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Unhelpful Negative Thoughts And How To Challenge Them

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Who’s on the podcast?

In this episode Jo talks to Zoe Hinett, a Counsellor in private practice at Sticks And Stones Counselling based in South East London. Zoe works with a lot of people who have difficulties with negative thought patterns and works with them to develop ways of managing them more effectively. Zoe also writes blog posts on this subject.

What’s the topic?

For people who struggle with anxiety, they may or may not be aware when they’re having unhelpful negative thoughts. If they can catch the unhelpful thoughts when they’re happening, they can potentially help to reduce their anxiety.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The different types of unhelpful thinking patterns
  • The triggers to unhelpful thinking, and their impact
  • The STOPP method of managing unhelpful thinking patterns from the Get Self-Help website

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Contact Zoe

If you’d like to find out more about Zoe’s private practice then check out her Facebook and Twitter accounts, and you can also visit her website Sticks And Stones Counselling.

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